Employee Benefit Solutions for Government Contractors

Government contractors face many unique challenges in today’s competitive market.  Bid lists are growing longer for these “winner take all” public projects, and those lucky enough to win these bids are forced to operate on razor thin margins.

That’s why it is more critical today for prevailing wage contractors to operate as cost effectively as possible or struggle with fewer winning bids and diminishing profits.

Fringe Consulting provides solutions for Government Contractors with prevailing wage payrolls due to the Davis Bacon Act, Service Contract Act, AbilityOne, Walsh Healey Act and other contracts.

Our expertise will help you lower your payroll taxes & workers comp insurance, win more public bids, and improve profit margins.

We do this by installing a wide variety of bona fide benefit plans that can be tailored to the needs of your particular workforce.

Our five goals when working with you are;

  1. Lower payroll taxes & workers comp insurance with suite of bona fide benefits.
  2. Lower cost of traditional benefits with access to large trust pricing for government contractors.
  3. Reduce risk, responsibility and admin workload with ASO.
  4. Reduce overpaying for current benefits by maximizing proper fringe credit & allocation strategy.
  5. Improve compliance with regulation and audit support services.

Our Services

  • Hour Bank
  • Compliance Review
  • Traditional benefits
  • Bona fide benefits
  • Cobra Administration
  • ASO Services

Our Plans

  • Bonafide HRA MasterCard
  • Davis Bacon 401K
  • SUB Plan
  • National PPO Health Plan
  • National Dental Plan
  • Ancillary coverage’s

Employee Benefit Solutions for Government Contractors – Service Contract, Fringe Benefit Consulting and Prevailing Wage, Davis Bacon