Employing Fringe Benefits

Employee Fringe Benefits

Get the Bargaining Power of a Large Trust for Fringe Employee Benefits

Because our product is held in trust, we’re able to offer your company the benefit of being part of a larger group of contractors, which significantly lowers rates and minimizes risk and liability – particularly for smaller companies. We customize employee fringe benefits for prevailing wage contractors, enabling them to offer union-like coverage.

Our employee benefits solutions provide comprehensive, single-point services.





When you partner with us, we handle all your fringe employee benefits. We’re a one-stop shop for open shop contractors. We understand prevailing wage and the challenges that come with it.

We offer many low cost employee fringe benefits including:

National PPO Major Medical Plan

Dental insurance Plan

Life insurance Plan

Vision insurance Plan

Working with our employee fringe benefits is simple. We will break down all premiums into an hourly premium, so you just pay one hourly rate for all of the employee benefits you choose. You will only need to send in one check and upload one file for all of the benefits you wish to offer.


  1. Mary Hutchinson says

    If the employer is putting all DBA fringe into a bona fide pension/retirement plan for its employees when working DBA projects, how should the employer report the contributions on the employees w-2 so that they are not exceeding the employees allowable annual contribution limit of $18,000

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