Why Fringe Consulting

Why Use Fringe Consulting?

Do you have prevailing wage payrolls required by DBA, SCA, Walsh Healey Act, or AbilityOne?

If your company were no longer able to perform this work due to failing a DOL compliance audit, how would that impact your business?  calculator,documents and  hand with pen

Is it possible to design a cost effective benefit plan without understanding prevailing wage fringes?

Insurance and employee benefits operate under very specific rules and laws governed by ERISA and state Insurance Commissioners that every employer is required to comply with.

Employers that work with prevailing wage payrolls have very specific laws governed by DOL and the Wage & Hour Division that dictate how to properly manage and account for compliance to these rules.

Proper benefits’ accounting with prevailing wage payrolls doesn’t work together easily, is complex and hard to administer!  Contractors working in the public sector may feel like administering benefits to prevailing wage payrolls is like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

In order to get these two sets of very different rules to work together properly and in order to remain compliant and understand enough to take every financial advantage possible within these laws requires working with a company that has a special focus in both areas. When you work with a benefits broker that also knows prevailing wage, you will keep administrative burdens to a minimum and prevent overpaying of expensive insurance premiums.

Fringe Consulting is a benefits brokerage that knows prevailing wage!

Fringe Consulting’s knowledge and experience helping contractors and organizations that have prevailing wage payrolls thrive in these special markets makes them an ideal partner for your company.  With this expertise, your company will realize many benefits including;

  1. Strict compliance to all laws, rules and mandates.
  2. Learn best practices to improve peak cost efficiencies.
  3. Take proper credit for benefits offered.
  4. Introduce new bona fide benefits to group with positive employee outcomes.
  5. Introduce new traditional plans and advanced plan design.
  6. Convenient one stop ASO model available.

Some of our resources include;

  1. Hour banking                                     5. National employee benefits
  2. Sub plan                                            6. Bona fide HRA MasterCard
  3. Davis bacon 401k                              7. ASO services
  4. Compliance guidance                        8. Audit support